Contact Information:

UIC Civil and Materials Engineering, 2095 Engineering Research Facility, 842 W. Taylor Street (M/C 246), Chicago, Illinois 60607-7023

Office: 3077 ERF

Lab Location: 1062B&E/1070 SEL

Lab Website: Eco-hydrology and Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Chemical Engineering, Rutgers University (1998-1999)

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering (1997)

University of Washington, Seattle

M.S. Environmental Engineering (1992)

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

B.S. Environmental Engineering (1990)

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis


CME 211 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

CME 422 Wastewater Treatment Design

Graduate (500 level)

CME 521 Environmental Microbiology

CME 525 Applied Environmental Biotechnology

Member, American Society of Civil Engineering (M.ASCE)

Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP)

American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)

American Chemical Society (ACS)

2013 Advising Award, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago (2013)

2012 Advising Award, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago (2012)

2008 Teaching Recognition Award, Teaching Recognition Program, University of Illinois at Chicago (2008)

2008 Research Award, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago (2008)

2006 Bronze Research Award, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago (2006)

CAREER Young investigator award, National Science Foundation (2004-08)

Faculty Scholar Award, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago (2003-04)

Selected Recent Publications (90 total: 74 Refereed Journal and Proceedings Articles, 2 Dissertations and 14 Technical Reports)

Citation Metrics: (as of September 2016): Total Citations=2166; i10 Index=29; h index=20


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