Contact Information:

UIC Civil and Materials Engineering, 2095 Engineering Research Facility, 842 W. Taylor Street (M/C 246), Chicago, Illinois 60607-7023

Office: 2077 ERF

Lab Location:  ERF

Lab Website: Accelerated Materials Research

Ph.D., Computational and Materials Chemistry
State University of New York, Stony Brook

B.S., Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry with Honors in Engineering Chemistry
S.A. Jaipuria College, Calcutta University, India,

First-Principles Theory: Density functional theory (DFT) and ab initio calculation of dynamics and reactivity of clusters, bulk periodic solids and surfaces

Molecular Dynamics: Classical and First-Principles Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations including Car-Parrinello MD and non-equilibrium MD techniques.

Condensed Matter Theory: Study of structure, band-gap, reactivity, and excited state properties of surfaces and bulks solids with defects and various reactive environments

Multiscale Modeling: Multiscale modeling of materials using First principles linked kinetic Monte Carlo, finite element, fluid dynamics, and hybrid QM/MM simulations

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