Undergraduate Student Profiles

Jay Avitia


Civil Engineering, BS ’21 | Durango, Mexico

Favorite course: So far, I’d say ME 212 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics.

Favorite thing about the department you’re majoring in: Professors who care about your learning experience like Joe Schulenberg and Michael McNallan.

Student organizations you’ve joined: American Society of Civil Engineers.

Place you’re most likely to be found on campus: Any place that allows silent study, like the reading area at the library or a few of the lounges in the SELE building, as this is the way I can focus on what I’m doing.

Would you recommend the College of Engineering to new applicants? Absolutely, because there is no need to go out of state in the search of knowledge when you can obtain it locally, in the heart of the city, from a school that cares about its students.

Stephanie Padilla


Civil Engineering, BS ’21 | Chicago, IL

Name one thing you think UIC does better than anywhere else: Being a research university allows for students to be actively involved in their respective fields through undergraduate research. Such experience allows for great insight.

Favorite course: CME 203, Strength of Materials.

Student organizations you’ve joined: I’m the secretary and a SHPE junior representative for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE).

What makes this student organization valuable to you? SHPE has provided me with many opportunities for growth as well as academic and professional guidance. Most importantly, I have met many hardworking and aspiring individuals whom I now call my SHPE familia.

Meia Coutre


Civil Engineering, BS ’22 | Chicago, IL

Why did you choose UIC? I knew the engineering program is a good program, and it is also the most affordable.

Engineering project/assignment you did that you’re most proud of: In my Engineering 100 class we 3D-printed buildings from around downtown Chicago.

Most challenging engineering project/assignment you’ve conquered so far: Figuring out how to use solidworks.

Coolest department at UIC outside of your major: New Media Arts.

Kyle Berry


Civil Engineering, BS ’21 | Carol Stream, IL

Why did you choose UIC? I chose the College of Engineering because of its location near the city and access to engineering firms.

Name one thing you think UIC does better than anywhere else: Professors always have their doors open and are always willing to help students better understand material. The MakerSpace is an engaging and state-of-the-art space for students that I have not found at any other university.

Internships you’ve held: Engineering Intern at CEMCON, Ltd.

Favorite place in Chicago: Wrigley Field. Go Cubs!

Moshe Carron


Civil Engineering, BS ’21 | Chicago, IL

Favorite course: CME 301 Steel Design.

Favorite thing about the department you’re majoring in: What I enjoy most about the CME Department is that most of the faculty were working in industry before becoming instructors. They share about the hands-on, real-world issues and projects that they were a part of.

What is the most valuable student organization you’ve joined? The Student Steel Bridge Club. I’ve made some lifelong friends from it. Being involved in the project motivated me to do well in my structural classes.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago: Ken’s Diner. It’s a really neat kosher diner, plus they load up on the corned beef with their Dempster sandwich.

Patricia Zareba


Civil Engineering, BS ’21 | Chicago, IL

Favorite course: CME 201 Statics.

Dream job: Improving Chicago’s infrastructure and landscape with environmental solutions.

How is the College of Engineering preparing you for the working world? In most of my classes, we are starting group projects where we investigate a problem that can occur in our future jobs.

Place you’re most likely to be found on campus: SEL. Best place for wifi, vending machine snacks, tables, and friends to help you on homework and projects.