PhD student Minoo Kabir is racking up awards with her research at UIC in the Department of Civil and Materials Engineering.
CME Student Wins Chancellor’s Graduate Research Award
Minoo Kabir is one of 27 students throughout the university to be awarded the Chancellor’s Graduate Research Award for her work entitled “Enhancing crack detection ability in large infrastructures by integration of acoustic metamaterials and MEMS sensors”“I’m absolutely thrilled that I received this prestigious award. It’s a great achievement that motivates me to continue my research with more efforts, and I’m so passionate about performing this project,” said Kabir. “I have been so lucky to have such a wonderful advisor, Dr. Didem Ozevin, who supported and encouraged me through my research.”Kabir works under the direction of Associate Professor Didem Ozevin, of the Department of Civil and Materials Engineering, in the Non-Destructive Structures laboratory.“Minoo joined my research laboratory in Spring 2014,…
UIC’s Department of Civil and Materials Engineering. The Civil Engineering Professional Advisory Council (CEPAC) joined donors, students, and faculty for the annual Scholarship Reception and Awards Dinner
Donors, Students Meet at Scholarship Dinner
Monday, Nov. 13, 2017, was a momentous evening for UIC’s Department of Civil and Materials Engineering. The Civil Engineering Professional Advisory Council (CEPAC) joined donors, students, and faculty for the annual Scholarship Reception and Awards Dinner at UIC.Through the generosity of donors and partners, CME awarded 64 scholarships to students. The support helps UIC in its mission to continue to provide access to excellence and success for our students. Board members, many of whom are UIC alumnus, added personal stories to the ceremony as they detailed the scholarship requirements and the interests and accomplishments of the donors.During the event, students received a certificate, and, in many cases, they were able to meet the donor of their scholarship or a corporate representative…
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ASCE Concrete canoe 2017
UIC Hosting ASCE Great Lakes Student Conference
Preparing for the annual ASCE Great Lakes Student Conference (GLSC)takes a lot of time and dedication from the students. This year, UIC’s student chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) will have the added pressure of hosting the three-day event. The conference is slated for April 19 to 21 in Chicago. The GLSC is comprised of 18 regional universities, which is made up of schools from northern and central Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and Indiana, and it is one of the largest regions based on number of schools.“This will be a huge undertaking; we are expecting to host about 550 participants,” said Diana Briones, president of ASCE UIC.The schools will compete in a series of Civil Engineering-based competitions and network…
Reddy_Slag Project 2017
Professor Reddy is Researching Zero Emissions from Landfills
At steel mills, slag is a by-product that is generated after steel has been cooked up using iron and other materials in a furnace at high temperatures. For the owners of steel mills, steel slag is just a material that they want to clear out to make space for the fresh slag they would produce. But, for Professor Krishna Reddy of UIC’s Department of Civil and Materials Engineering, steel slag is an asset that has the potential to lower gaseous emissions being released from landfills.Based on preliminary testing in his laboratory, he is planning to use the steel slag as a cover layer in landfills to prevent carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. Apart from capturing the “fugitive…
Sybil Derrible photo
Professor Derrible Set to Discuss Climate Change
CME’s Professor Sybil Derrible will be part of a panel discussion about climate change. The panel, which is the last UIC Campus Conversation of the semester, is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 1, from noon to 1:30 p.m. in Student Center West, Michele Thompson Room A.The panel will be discussing, What is Climate Change and What Can We Do About It?Dr. Max Berkelhammer will moderate a discussion with UIC faulty members, which includes Derrible, Dr. Serap Erdal, Dr. Matt Wynter and Dr. Moira Zellner.The discussion can be watched live at


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