The Civil Engineering Professional Advisory Council (CEPAC) was established at UIC in 2000, and consists of civil engineering faculty members and professional practitioners. The purpose of CEPAC is to enhance undergraduate education at CME through close interactions with the professional civil engineering community. Similar organizations exist in other engineering departments and at other schools. CEPAC members are leaders from the environmental, geotechnical, structures, transportation and water resources fields. They are representatives of private companies and governmental agencies throughout the Chicago region.

The roster of private organizations include:

CEPAC Awards Reception

CEPAC Awards Reception 2016

2016 CEPAC Scholarship reception and Awards Dinner

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1. Behringer, Thomas J., PE, SE* , Senior Vice President – Sargent & Lundy Nuclear Power Technologies 2. Brindley, Thomas M., PE , President – Brindley Engineering Corp. 3. Burke, Christopher B., PhD, PE , President/ CEO – Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. 4. Evans, Debra P.*, Senior Program Manager – Hospira, Inc. 5. Fortmann, John, P.E., Deputy Director of Highways/Region 1 Engineer – IDOT, District 1 6. Gaffney, Heather J., SE, PE*, Sr. Vice President / Regional Manager – T.Y. Lin International, Inc. 7. Gould, Bruce D., PE*, County Engineer – Will County 8. Huffman, Matthew *, Project Manager – Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. 9. Kochan, Chester F., P.E. *, Vice President – Clark Dietz, Inc. 10. Kos, John P., PE, Vice President – Lochner 11. Morrill, David J., PE, SE, Senior Vice President – Alfred Benesch & Company 12. Mulac, Gregory A.*, Vice President, Preconstruction Manager – Turner Construction Company 13. Nelson, Kenneth E., PE*, (Chairman of CEPAC) Chairman Emeritus – Management Consultant 14. Schuh, Jeffrey C., P.E., President – Patrick Engineering, Inc. 15. Sharma, Manju Prakash, PE *, DEE, DWRE, Director of Maintenance & Operations – MWRDGC Maintenance & Operations Dept. 16. Sorn, Linda M., PE*, Acting Deputy for Project Management – USACE, Chicago District 17. Sutton, Michael, P.E., President – Infrastructure Engineering, Inc. 18. Ude, Todd, PhD, PE, SE Engineering Manager – Parsons * received a UIC undergraduate or graduate degree

Scholarships reward students for their effort and achievement. The CEPAC members met sixteen undergraduate scholarship recipients. Each student received a certificate commemorating earning a scholarship, and in many cases was able to meet the donor of their scholarship or a corporate representative.Board members added flavor to the introductions by explaining the scholarship requirements or the interests and accomplishments of the donors. 1. Tom Behringer of Sargent & Lundy introduced their three corporate scholarship recipients: Aerielle Karr, who had earlier addressed the CEPAC Board as an officer of ASCE, Bright Avusuglo and Yaw Dwomoh. 2. David Morrill discussed the corporate scholarships funded by the Alfred Benesch Co. He presented a certificate to Meghan Wroclawski. Eric Borys received certificates for the Alfred Benesch Scholarship and the Professor Robert H. Bryant Scholarship. 3. He also recognized Rose Sadleir for receiving the Kasi Scholarship, a gift from Alfred Benesch CEO Muthiah Kasi, and the Col. William J. Hawes Scholarship. Kasi Scholarship recipeint William J. Knight also received a scholarship that remembers Civil Engineering Professor Dusan Krajcinovic. 4. Christopher Burke, President of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, introduced the Rosemary Burke Scholarship, honoring his mother. Jimmy Harding received certificates for that and the Samartano & Co./Henry Marek Scholarship. 5. Ken Nelson presented certificates to the two reciepeints of the annual Clark Dietz Scholarships, which go to civil engineering juniors or seniors – Kokou Dawaga and Elizabeth Garcia. 6. Dr. Farhad Ansari presented a certificate to Paul Roots for receiving two endowed scholarships: the Nancy Anderson Holmes Scholarship and the Thomas and Romana Ting Scholarship. 7. Dr. Ansari also honored two Civil Engineering students who received the William Unger Scholarship – Theresa Stout and Dusanka Kanraga. The Unger Scholarship is awarded to first-year women entering the College of Engineering. 8. Each year, CEPAC members voluntarily contribute to a CEPAC Scholarship Fund designed to honor top Civil Engineering students. Three students were surprised with the CEPAC Scholarship this year. Said Ken Nelson, “The department presented three equally good candidates, and the College chose to split the award among them in respect for their academic accomplishments.” Raguez Taha, Ahmad Elayan and Rami Elayan receivd the CEPAC Scholarship for 2010-2011.