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Jan 24 2024

Coordinating the Charging Schedule of a Large-Scale Electric Bus Fleet with Conventional and Renewable Electricity Sources

CME Department Seminar

January 24, 2024

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM America/Chicago


ERF 1047


842 W. Taylor St., Chicago, IL 60607

Presenter: Chi Xie, PhD, Tongji University

Location: ERF 1047

Abstract: Electrification poses a promising approach to reducing carbon emissions and promoting carbon neutrality in the transportation sector. Along the transportation electrification pathway, the goal of carbon neutrality can be further accelerated with an increasing amount of electricity being generated from renewable energies. A massive number of electric buses have been employed and operated in dozens of metropolises worldwide. An important daily operations issue with these urban electric buses is how to coordinate their charging activities in a cost-effective manner, considering various physical, financial, institutional, and managerial constraints. This talk discusses scheduling the daily charging activities of an electric bus fleet operated across multiple bus lines and charging depots and terminals, with the aim of finding an optimal set of charging location and time decisions given the available charging windows, with the electricity supplied by the conventional power grid and emerging photovoltaic-storage-charging stations. A real-world regional electric bus fleet of 122 buses in Shanghai, China is selected for validating the effectiveness and practicability of the proposed charging scheduling models and algorithms.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Chi Xie obtained his Ph.D. in systems engineering from Cornell University in 2008 and is a professor affiliated with School of Transportation Engineering and Urban Mobility Institute at Tongji University. His research covers urban transportation networks, electrified and shared transportation systems, and freight transportation and logistics systems, in which his interest is focused on developing innovative methods to analyze and optimize large-scale urban and regional systems on the strategic, tactic and operational levels. His research results have appeared in 150+ peer-reviewed journal and conference papers and more than 10 patents, along with five best paper awards and three champions of innovation or entrepreneurship competitions. He serves International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology as an executive editor-in-chief and two other international journals as an associate editor.


Prof. Bo Zou

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Jan 23, 2024

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Jan 23, 2024