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Feb 2 2024

Decarbonizing daily traveling from a behavior perspective: building up people’s attitude towards low-carbon traveling recommendations

CME Department Seminar

February 2, 2024

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM America/Chicago


1047 ERF and Zoom at 


842 W. Taylor St., Chicago, IL 60607

Presenter: Ran Tu, PhD, Southeast University, China
Location: Zoom at
Meeting ID: 535 718 1241
Passcode: Lin@842cme

Abstract: Electrification and decarbonization policies in the transportation sector have flourished in the past decade, especially after Tesla stimulated the EV development of traditional automobile manufacturers and a worldwide trend of the Carbon Neutrality objective. Current research mostly focuses on policy evaluations with an assumption that people fully take it after the adoption. However, gaps exist between preference, adoption, usage, and efficient usage. Motivated by these research limitations, this talk covers people’s attitudes and behavior of vehicle choice, mode choice, and driving operation choice. Starting from vehicle choice, the study revealed the influencing factors of drivers’ trust and adoption of EV charging options. Second, the mode choice is explored, with a background of MaaS bundle and carbon reduction incentives. Third, the scale goes into detail about on-road driving operations, and the drivers’ acceptance of eco-driving is investigated. The findings of this study shed light on the operation and management of city traveling. Finally, as a trailer of an ongoing study, this talk shares insights on sustainable inter-city traveling.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Ran Tu is an associate professor from the School of Transportation at Southeast University, China. She has a broad interest in sustainable transport with a focus on decarbonization and electrification. She actively participates in national and regional strategic research on future transport development. In addition, she is the chief scientist of Green Distributor, an R&D startup company that provides decarbonization consultation for ride-hailing and urban delivery enterprises. Tu has published more than 50 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles. Since 2023, she has served as the editorial board member of Transportation Research Part D and the standing committee member of the Transportation Research Board Air Quality and GHG Mitigation Committee. She has been awarded the Young Talent of China Association for Science and Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent of Jiangsu Province, the Best Paper Award in the Chinese Transportation Conference for Young Scholars, and the Best Dissertation Award of the Chinese Overseas Transportation Association. Tu obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in  2020, and the M.S. degree from Virginia Tech in 2016.


Prof. Jane Lin

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Jan 24, 2024

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Jan 24, 2024