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CME students awarded scholarships from UIC

Lisha Wu

CME students have been winning scholarships throughout the school year and the accolades continue to flood the department.

Lisha Wu was awarded the Chancellor’s Graduate Research Award for her research on the Removal of Chromium from water using Sustainable Manganese Oxide Based Sorbents and received a $5,000 prize. She is working under the direction of Associate Professor Amid Khodadoust in the Environmental Separations Lab.

Since its inception in 2009, the Chancellor’s Graduate Research Award has supported multidisciplinary scholarship in an attempt to expose graduate students to varied research and creative fields. The award mechanism has naturally evolved into a way for students early in their studies to develop new research directions for their PhD dissertations or terminal degree thesis/capstone project and has been used by graduate programs as a way for students to practice writing research proposals.

Mentoring Award

Last month, Negar Kamali Zonouzi received an Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring Award during the 45th Annual Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards Reception and Recognition Ceremony hosted at UIC.

She was recognized for outstanding leadership and service contributions made to UIC and the surrounding community and received a $750 prize.

“I’d like to thank you for your great recommendations and I’m really grateful for your support,” said Zonouzi, who is a graduate student working under the direction of Professor Sheng-Wei in the Computational Mechanics Laboratory.

Earlier in the school year, Zonouzi received the Chicago Consular Corps scholarship and awarded $1,000. She was one of only 15 students to receive the award.

“Negar is a disciplined, mature, and intelligent graduate student. She excelled in classes and has substantial research accomplishments. Additional to classroom work and research, Negar Kamali has been actively mentoring undergraduate research,” said Chi. “She has well-rounded personality and kindness to help others. She is passionate to engage with women’s engineering society despite her already over-loaded duties and research activities. She is always eager to share her own experiences without reservation to women students in STEP in regards to classroom study and research.”

Wilfred F. and Ruth Davison Langelier Scholarship

Maryam Yaso was selected as a recipient of the Wilfred F. and Ruth Davison Langelier Scholarshipfor 2017-18, and she will receive $2,000 for the 2017-2018 academic year.

This scholarship is earmarked for University of Illinois undergraduate students “majoring in and/or whose main field of study is Sanitary/Environmental Engineering, principally concerned with the area of water and waste water treatment and environmental water quality management and control.”

Yaso was selected to receive the scholarship by the members of the Langelier Selection Committee. The committee extend their very best wishes for her continued, active participation in the field of Sanitary/Environmental Engineering, and hope that the award assists her in that endeavor.