MS in Materials Engineering

student working with fluids and machinery in lab

Materials—including metals, intermetallics, polymers, ceramics, composites, and electronic materials—are critical to modern industrial society. Materials engineering is an expansive field that encompasses many specialties and offers rich opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Materials engineering addresses the design, manufacture, and characterization of materials for specific applications. Materials development is an enabling step to the production of advanced engineering devices. Materials selection is a key element in the design, manufacturing, and quality control of structures and devices.

Because UIC and many other universities do not offer an undergraduate program in materials engineering, it is common for students with degrees in relevant subjects other than materials engineering to pursue this degree and enter the field. Our faculty help our graduate students in materials engineering to design an individualized academic program that makes use of the strengths in their background and gives them the knowledge and skills needed to move forward.

The MS in Materials Engineering is offered as a thesis option, a research-oriented degree that provides research experience and potential pathways toward research sponsorship or other funding, or a coursework-only option.

The areas of concentration for this master’s program are:

The curriculum requirements for the MS in Materials Engineering vary based on whether students select the thesis option or the coursework-only option. Expand the sections below to view the curriculum plan for each option.

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